[Translate to Deutsch:] The outcome

[Translate to Deutsch:] OFF munich experimental open art festival was a bigger success as expected. For once, it has shown, that there is an incredible need for experimental art in munich, that artists can work together and put aside competion in favor of working together – if only the vibe and surrounding is right. On OFF Festival there have been very different kinds of artists and genres. Nervertheless there has been a lot of interest in other works, some future relationships have been founded, and there has been nearly no disrespect or degrading of other works.

It has also shown, that a real open-to-public presentation laboratory with some real (not only as-if) work taking place is a welcomed addition to the clean, elaborated and well-put-up exhibitions we have in munich.

It has shown, that visitors appreciated the diversity of genres as well as the experimental (aka sometimes rough) ambiance to the highest.

It has shown, how big of an interest there is for events not looking for profit, even in munich – maybe especially in munich.

It has shown how much is possible and how little is needed – if only some people start doing things.

It has shown that the help did not come from where I expected it. I found a lot of help somewhere unexpected though. I only needed an idea and some endurance.

On the other side it hay shown how many people do not want to work together. Which is their right of course, but sad anyway. And sometimes hard to understand. 

Many people attacked the idea in different ways – as if the idea of the Festival has been to replace the art we have in munich (and they have to protect the latter). How difficult it was for many people to understand, that trying another approach does not mean threat.
I like well established art and we need it. The question has never been "OFF or the Opera". The idea was always: we have the Opera and it is great, we respect it a lot. Now let's add something that's missing, so that we have both - that cultural life becomes more rich. There naturally is pros and cons in any approach, so we should probably strive to have multiple. This was impossible to understand for many people.

Many people will also insistently try to convince you, that something like OFF is impossible and you should rather drop the idea. How many people will tell you that the only way to do the is really complicated and veeery expensive. They have convincing arguments. But they have been proven wrong. Maybe this is something we can learn from the story.

So thanks to the incredible support of some people, thanks to the press taking huge interest in the idea, thanks to all the artists just joining and doing!


Find here some reactions both from visitors and artists:

"[… without OFF ...] we wouldn't have had a chance to work in such a fine environment with such fine artist and experience such a rich weekend!" 

Thank you all so much for the marvelous experience. I meet so many amazing, kind, friendly, interested people that I cannot just wait to come back

really happy to have been there. 

Thanks a lot for the great atmosphere everybody

Trully exceptional event. Really happy to be able to be part of it. The quality of the works and the heartwarming environment amongst the artists was fantastic.

thank YOU. Amazing experience and i never knew one could meet so much wonderfull people in weekend. I am extremely fucking greatful

thanks a lot to all of you for this great festival and all the impressions, live acts, performance, art work ... I hope it will not be the last time

ich hoffe Sie haben das Festival noch genossen und auch das viele positive Feedback! Ich fand es wirklich eine tolle Sache und auch die Freundin, die dabei war, war beeindruckt!

such a great Event - it was something munich really needs!!! I Hope, there's a revival next year!?

Es war eine große Woche! Wir hatten irre viel Spaß bei der ganzen Geschichte! Chapeau! Chapeau! 

Ich bin verliebt!!! Ins off! Danke für dieses wunderbare Festival!