Participating Artists

Ada Tinter   (Germany) Drawings

Angela Sauermann  (Germany) interactiv, moving installation

Anna Böll  (Germany) accessible room installation

Anne Pfeifer   (Germany) interactive experimental objects

Barbara Kammerer   (Germany) photo collage

Ben Daemon   (Germany / Switzerland)   
improvised music performance

Bettina Faiss   (Germany) classical clarinet

Bina Blumencron   (Austria) performance

colxi   (Spain) graphic art

Christoph Reiserer   (Germany) music, sound installation

Daniel Michel   (Germany) objects by digital transformation

Daniel Sproll   (Germany) video

Das Ding ausm Sumpf   (Germany) performance

David Jäger   (Germany) jazz soprano saxophone

El Rago   (Germany) colour, projectors (organic) material

Esther Schimpfle   (Germany) painting

FellHerz   (Germany) Bierdeckel-Sitzeckchen

Florian Hein & Group   (Germany / Israel) theatre performance

"Fragmente"Fotografie   (Germany) photographie

Harald Rumpf   (Germany) film

Hubert Kretschmer   (Germany) big print art

Irene Graef   (Germany) dream installation, performance

Johannes Maria Haslinger (Germany) photos

Karambolage   (Germany) visuals

Kerstins Kopf   (Germany) photography

Klaus Elhardt   (Germany) piano. songs (with Berta Rieder)

Lars Harmsen   (Germany) 100for10 (ARTBOOKS)

LE4EL   (Germany) virtual exhibition

Lisa Gascoigne   (UK / Germany) site-specific drawing

Lisa Simpson   (Brazil) textile perfomance

Luca   (Germany) Generation Z Selfies

Marlene Charlotte Pruss   (Germany) collage

Munich Artists   (Germany / US) installation

Nora Schüssler   (Germany) musical installation

not yet   (Germany) interactive installations & lighting

Ó da Casa Group   (Portugal) site-specific

Philipp Frank   (Germany) graphic art

Robert Pupeter   (Germany) photos

Ruben Verstaen   (Belgium / Germany) drawings and collages

Ruth Hentsch   (Germany) painting, photography

SeidrSound   (Germany) drone music

Simon Steinhorst   (Germany) experimental Film

Steffi Müller   (Germany) textile perfomance

CtjHaeuser, H.Kretschmer, B.Laurer, J.Lauer   (Germany)
text image installation

Susie Wimmer   (Germany) dance improvisation

Thomas Fischer   (Germany) Art & Piano 

Thomas Meissner   (Germany) room installation

Tom Tiller – urban absurdity   (Germany)
a performance around money and value

Valmon  (Brazil) music, sculptures

Veit Bastian   (Germany) site specific installation

Vinicio Bastidas   (Germany) painting

warjul   (Germany) illustration


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