OFF munich experimental open art festival took place in Summer 2015. Find here the original ideas and concepts:

OFF munich 2015 – The Festival


The Experiment I
An art festival that is all about art, and is not commercial or with superficial packaging. Free admission. Organised without any money. In just three months.

The Experiment II
No filtering of genre. No juries or complicated application processes. No set theme.  Complete freedom for artists. Opportunity to connect with, as opposed to compete with other artists using different mediums.

The Experiment III
An exhibition, but also a laboratory. Finished work along side work in progress. An experimental and working space throughout the whole duration of the festival.

The Place
The Säulenhalle. A rarity in OFF-LOCATIONS in Munich. Provided free of charge by the young events management agency I.T.E.M – Instant Temporary Events Modules.

The Artists
Over 40 international artists present their work, meet and develop a project together.  All artists will be present and will gladly discuss their work.

The Schedule
At 12:00, 15:00 and 18:00 performances and artistic activities in many forms. A film room will show documentaries and experimental films. More precise details are available online just before the start of the festival.

The festival is organized by not yet